Five of Shahid Kapoor's Inspirational Quotes to celebrate his birthday, yesterday!

His fans may know him as the versatile actor that proved his mettle in films like Vivah, Kaminey, Jab We Met, Haider, Udta Panjab, and Padmavati, but there are two other roles he considers far more rewarding - that of a husband and father.

In the span of his fifteen year career, we have seen him grow from a callow, curious actor to a seasoned, confident one. On being asked the way the film industry has changed him, he says, " Everything has changed. I mean, I’m not that 21-year-old kid anymore. I had no clue how to handle the realities of being an actor back then. I didn’t know the way to talk to the fraternity, the correct way to make decisions on movies. But I understand these things today. I have a family, a child, I have my priorities and what I want to do. I’m surer about my place as an actor. I’m clearer about the movies I want to make. I’m not distracted by the million things that come with being a star. 

With this wisdom, here are five of his inspirational quotes from his various interviews: 





Life is just too short, too unpredictable and too complicated. Be happy no matter what, a smile sometimes is all you need




What defines you as a person is not the life you were born in to, but what you made of it.



I think I should date a normal girl. I am tired of dating heroines. While I believe in marriage as an institution, I am also petrified of it.




The Day We Let Our Convictions Define Our Life Rather Than Our Insecurities, Our True Journey Begins.




You tend to understand yourself a little better after each role you play. There’s somewhat of a self-discovery.