Five quotes to beat Monday morning blues

Monday is the beginning of the week and it has dependably been the implicit enemy of people who completely enjoy their weekends.
People need to get up and drag their slothy body off the bed and start working for another week.
Here are five quotes that will inspire you to beat your Monday morning blues:
Monday is the new 'New Year' !
Monday gives you an opportunity to make a change in yourself. You do not have to wait for another year for that.
Everyday is Sunday !
Every day can be 'Sunday' if you work on your passions.
Nature of life !
Life gives us much to adore and in return we should also encourage it by accepting its nature.
Nothing is Permanent!
Start your week with a beautiful smile on your face and get a new perspective. Work towards removing your obstacles. Nothing is permanent.
Forget the Yesterday!
Forget what happened yesterday, focus on tomorrow and be a better person today.
Enjoy the boost of motivation and make your Monday morning more energetic. 
Have a great day!