Five reasons why married couples may be losing sex drive: Here's the remedy

New Delhi, Jan 27: In stressful times today, it is difficult to pin-point a single reason, age group or class which may be losing on libido or their sex drive. But, as suggested by experts there are some common factors due to which the sex-drive may be diminishing. 

1. Physical fitness may be a reason: Due to premenstrual phase women may be losing interest in sex. Same way decreasing testosterone is also apart of aging ans results in lower libido. A prolonged and serious illness where you may have feelings of extreme sadness that can last for a long time. Hormonal change, diabetes, injury in the back after delivery, chronic illness like cancer can reduce the sperm production count.

2. Your hectic lifestyle: The worst thing that a wrong lifestyle may do is affect your sex life. Brain fatigue directly affects sex life. Have an agile and healthy lifestyle. Same way some medication also affects the libido.

3.Psychological issues:

If you are sad and are having problems in your relationship, it will sure affect your sex drive. Depression, stress, and problems in your relationship are a few pointers

4. Addiction for gadgets: The moment you get into the bed, you put on your mobile, laptop or may be watching TV. This affects your sex-drive as you are focus elsewhere.

5. Eating wrong food: Eating too heavy, spicy and fat-laden food may affect your libido as well. Such type of food makes you sleep the moment you enter bed.