Five refreshing drinks to pep up Holi celebrations

Holi just round the corner, people might have settled for the traditional dishes, but to keep the festive spirit alive, a glass of chilled fruit punch or mocktail is essential.

For all those who prefer to keep Holi alcohol-free, here are 5 drinks to savour this festive season:

-Met Line


Ingredients: 90 ml Ambi Panna, half tea spoon roasted cumin, Limca to top

Method: Pour Lime drink over Ambi panna in a tulip.

Add crushed ice and roasted cumin.




Ingredients: ½ fresh orange, 30ml orange juice, 7-8pcs of Fresh watermelon, 5mL Watermelon syrup, 10mL sugar syrup, 5mL Lime juice

Method: Mix the ingredients and pour it in a Martini glass. Add ice cubes and garnish it with ½ watermelon slice.


-Strawberry and Guava Cooler


Ingredients: 45mL strawberry crush, 250mL guava juice, 4-5 lime quarters, 10ml lime juice, 4-5 ice cubes.

Method: Take all ingredients in shaker and shake well, even the ice cubes. Pour and Serve.


-Pomo Momo


Ingredients: 160mL Pomegranate Juice, 60mL Sweet Lemon Juice, 10mL Lemon juice.

Method: Mix the ingredients and pour it in a martini glass.

Garnish it with Lemon peal and crushed Ice.


-Lava Flow


Ingredients: 120mL Pineapple juice, 120mL orange juice, 40mL Strawberry, 2 scoops of Vanilla ice-cream.

Method: Add 3 cubes of ice into a glass and pour all mixes into a blender.

Blend it and pour on a bed of strawberry crush and ice. Garnish with a fresh strawberry.


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