Five tips for a successful relationship

New Delhi: From business partners to friends and from friends to life-partners, having a close bond with another person takes a lot of effort. A relationship, be it with a friend or a partner depends on love and trust.

A genuine relationship is a two-way process. There are certain factors that go into making a relationship successful, though they take little bit of work and time.

Here are 5 tips to smooth sailing relationship:

Learn to Listen

Listening skills are vital to any conversation. People often have the tendency to stay calm when they know they are being heard. During a conflict, if someone feels that their words are not being heard, they result in being restless and arrogant. Genuine listening skills will make relationships strong and also help keep the lines of communication open.


Relationships are not only about taking, but also about giving. People can be stubborn, and sometimes one needs to compromise a bit to take off the heat. It not only helps in maintaining harmony but also shows the other person that you care.

Managing Expectations

Problems arise when someone has set the bar too high for others to achieve. Managing one's expectations is a key ingredient for a successful relationship. Realising that one's own expectations may be hard to achieve by other is a step toward a good relationship.

Be Comfortable Apart 

For a healthy relationship to foster, the couple must be willing to spend some time apart and be comfortable with that space. People should know how to stay happy by themselves and should not loose their identity in the process of making a relationship work.

Be Open About Your Feelings 

Being a decent listener is half of what it takes to be great at communication. Being in a relationship includes being transparent about one's own sentiments, and communicating interests and feelings to your partner.

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