Five uses of human pee

Over the years many people are using human and animal urine for different purposes. The yellow liquid is the by-product that is secreted by the kidney. Urine is the mixture of enzymes, vitamins, minerals. Not only in medication, human urine can also contribute in the field of science. Here are 5 uses of human pee. Pee acts as tooth whitener

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Ancient Romans used urine to whiten their teeth.The ammonia present in your urine acts as a whitening agent and would bleach and remove stains. Gunpowder


Not only ammonia, human urine also contains nitrogen. Earlier before 20th century gunpowder makers used to make it out of pee. When ammonia reacts with oxygen, nitrogen is formed which ultimately mix with other compounds and helps in making gunpowder. Helps in cleaning the laundry


Not only teeth, but urine also helps in cleaning stained clothes. In ancient Rome the washers used different alkalis and ammonia-containing agents,two of which were human and dog pee,to expel dirt from pieces of clothing. They would leave container on the road corners for individuals to urinate in and take it back once they were full. Helps in treating skin


Human urine can treat acne, eczema, and psoriasis by dabbing on a little pee utilizing a clean towel and abandoning it on for a couple of minutes before washing it off. Morning pee is thought to be best for face medications as the hormones turn out to be more concentrated overnight. Generate power


Human urine also helps in technology. In Nigeria, four girls made a pee-powered generator that can produce six hours of power with one liter of pee. In the same way, researchers in Singapore made a battery that is initiated by bio-fluids such as pee and can be utilized to power devices that test for diseases. Now that we know the uses of human pee, we can't just flush it away.
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