Five ways to flirt without being creepy

New Delhi:Flirting can be fun sometimes, particularly when you are flirting with your crush.  However, in some cases the situation can be a little complicated, especially, when you have a crush on someone but they are completely unaware about the fact. For them you might be just a colleague or a friend. So here are some ways you can flirt with them without being weird: 1. Make eye contact : Do not get into a staring contest, but look into your crushes' eyes while talking to them. This will show them your confident side. 2. Like their Facebook and Instagram pictures : If you like one or two picture of them it wouldn't really prove anything, but constant hit on the like button of their picture might give them a slight idea of your fondness towards them. But make sure that you don't go over-board with your 'display of affection,' as no one like 'creepy crushes.' 3. Converse through Emojis : Rather than writing long sentences which can sometimes fail to give the hint, instead of that rather try using emojis which would directly convey your message. The key is to keep it simple yet crisp! 4. Give them a sincere compliment : Go ahead and give them a genuine compliment, which will give butterflies in their stomach and make them blush. 5. Wave and say 'Hi' when they pass by : This move is appropriate for shy people who tend to stay quiet rather than approaching the other person. So put yourself out their, break the circle and say "Hi" with a smile, it won't cost you a thing, but it surely will leave a lasting impression.

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