Forces to start using chilly-filled shells in Kashmir shortly

New Delhi: Security forces will shortly start using chilly-filled shells PAVA in crowd control in Kashmir, replacing the pellet guns that had caused injuries to a large number of injuries, especially the loss of vision of several people.


This follows the report of an expert committee which was set up amid an uproar over use of pellet guns by security forces in dealing with stone-pelting during the current unrest. Following an uproar, the committee was set up to suggest an alternative to the pellet guns.      


Every day, around 1000 PAVA shells are reaching Kashmir since September 5, sources said here today.      


Security forces are being trained in the use of PAVA shells and they will start using these in a few days, they said about the non-lethal weapon which temporarily incapacitates a human being without causing injuries.         


Pellet guns, which are considered non-lethal, have caused a large number of injuries, and in some cases even death. Many people have lost their vision during the unrest in the Valley, leading to demands that these be abandoned. A total of 6000 civilians have suffered injuries due to these weapons.      


The sources noted that pellet guns were first used during the unrest in 2010 when UPA government was in power at the Centre.      


Underlining that security forces have been exercising maximum restraint in dealing with attacks by violent mobs in Kashmir, the sources said a testimony in this regard was that over 5500 security personnel have been injured, which was the highest in the country's history during such situations.