Forget coffins, cremation; this suit will give you a ‘green funeral’

New Delhi: Reducing carbon footprint is one of the foremost environmental concerns in the world today.

Though we may not realize, but every activity including travelling, using electronic appliances and even cooking, is responsible for increasing the global carbon footprint.

Funerals particularly add on to the toxins contaminating our environment.

To reduce the global carbon burden, a team of designers have developed a suit that will give you a ‘green funeral’ when you die.

The suit, also known as ‘mushroom death suit’, is a jumpsuit woven using mushroom-spore-infused thread called the infinity burial thread.

The concept behind this innovation is that mushroom’s start to grow from one’s body on burial, slowly digesting the body while neutralizing the environmental contaminants that the body might harbor.

The jumpsuit uses the power of Mycoremediation, which is the ability of the mushrooms to clean the environment.

Jae Rhim Lee, the co-creator of the suit, in collaboration with her company Coeio, has announced the first subject to be a 63-year-old Dennis White, who suffers from Primary Progressive Aphasia, a terminally degenerative disease.

First announced five years ago in 2008, the suit will go on sale in April this year and will be available for $999. 

(Image courtesy: Coeio)

News24 Bureau