Forgot to take your smartphone...This jacket will tell you

New Delhi, Dec 11: These days many innovations have started taking place in the category of smartwatches and fitness bands. Now the latest innovation has been introduced from Google and Levi’s Jacquard smart jacket. 

The smart jacket has been introduced with a feature which will remind you if you’ve forgotten to take your smartphone or not. Yes, this is a jacket that will tell you if you’ve left your smartphone behind or have misplaced it someplace. 

As spotted by Android Police, the feature is known by the known Always Together and is triggered if your smartphone is too far away from the jacket. As the Google support page for Jacquard states, “You can use Always Together to help make sure you don’t leave your Jacquard jacket or phone behind. When your phone and your jacket are separated, you will receive an alert on your phone. Your snap tag will also light up and vibrate.” Talk about FOMO or having separation anxieties, eh? You won’t just get an alert on your smartphone but the sleeve tag on the jacket will also blink and vibrate. The jacket also comes with a find my phone feature. To use all these features, however, one needs to download the Jacquard app and sync it with a smartphone. 

Priced at $350 (roughly Rs 25,000), the Jacquard is a Trucker jacket from Levi’s and does a lot more. The jacket can help play music, notify about incoming calls, texts among other things. Clearly, the piece of clothing is aimed at who are too much into all things smart. Oddly, when the jacket was launched in 2017 it was revealed that one can wash it just 10 times. Smartness does come at the cost of cleanliness it seems. Still, with the latest feature one can be assured of not losing their smartphone. Though one has to be careful of not losing the jacket