Free 5 JioPhones.. Know how to get

New Delhi, Feb 4:  JioPhone pre-booking has already begun. The company has started taking pre-bookings for the most-awaited 'India ka phone'. This is the second-round of pre-booking, first took place in August 2017. According to reports, Jio had said that it would start the second round of pre-booking only when it has delivered all 6 million handsets that were booked at the time of registration.

Along with the number of JioPhones that can be booked at once, there are a couple of other things that have changed this time. Earlier, in the first round of JioPhone pre-booking you could order just one at once, the company this time allows you to order up to 5 phones this time with just one phone number.

Jio last year had introduced a Keep me posted button for businesses to order JioPhones in bulk. However, It was applicable for retailers only. This time, you can book up to 5 JioPhones from company's website and the option is available for all.

Second very big advantage to customers buying JioPhone now will get is an option to recharge their JioPhone with Rs 49 plan. This is the lowest rental plan offered by any company till date. Jio offers 1GB data and unlimited free voice calls for 28 days at Rs 49. The offer was launched as part of Republic Day offer and company says it will notify the last date for the plan and until then it is available for all JioPhone users.