FREE JioPhone: RUSH booking opens..know how to book

Pancham Saude, New Delhi: JioPhone online and offline bookings will officially open on August 24 but if you live in Delhi-NCR region or nearby, you can feel yourself lucky as you have the opportunity to make your JioPhone booking ahead of millions of people across the country, as certain offline retailers in the Delhi-NCR region have already started taking pre-orders for the handset. 

According to leading media website, buyers are required to pay Rs 1500 refundable deposit only at the time of picking up the handset, so, buyers need not worry to keep the amount ready while pre-ordering. 

Here's everything you need to know about booking your JioPhone

Jio Phone booking with Aadhaar number

To book the JioPhone, the buyer will be required to submit a copy of Aadhaar card with the authorised Jio retailer.  Buyers can get only one JioPhone per Aadhaar card across the country,  the company has decided this to prevent multiple orders from a single person


JioPhone Delivery

You can also sign up for the news updates about the phone on, after visiting the company's official website you will be required to fill up your contact details and click on "Keep Me Posted". However, most important thing to remember is, even if you book this phone on very first day, the company will deliver it in September, Still, the company claims to deliver 4G feature phone on first come, first serve basis, aiming to deliver 5 million units each week.