'Furious 7' helped Walker's family to deal with his death

Los Angelesl:  Late actor Paul Walker's brothers say filming scenes for "Furious 7" helped them come to terms with his death.

The actor tragically passed away in a car crash in November 2013 at the age of 40. His brothers Caleb and Cody feel they were able to use the experience of shooting the scenes for the film to remember the late star, reports etonline.com.

"We got to understand more about Paul, and what he was all about. We had to share Paul with a lot of people, in a weird way. He was gone a lot, he was filming, so we missed him. Sometimes at the holidays he wasn't always there, you know? He tried.

"We'd see him on set, we visited a few times, but to kind of get that closure, and understanding of Paul was really special," Caleb said.

Walker was associated closely with The Fast and the Furious film franchise. "Furious 7" featured him in his final role.

His brothers connected to actor Vin Diesel, who was close to Walker.

"We had a really good talk with Vin Diesel. Vin is like the godfather, he really is, and he kind of became our godfather in a weird way. He obviously knew Paul so well, he shared things with us that Cody and I didn't know.

"Paul kept a lot of things about work kind of quiet with his family and friends, and so we were able to learn some things through his co-stars, " Caleb added.