Gaining Weight Made Easy With These Basic Steps

With most information gearing towards weight loss, anyone hardly talks about weight gain. Being thin is not an issue but when everyone else is emphasising on weight gain, there are some of them out there who'd like to put on a few kilos healthily too. Putting on weight is as challenging as shedding some. So let's focus on some natural ways of gaining that extra fat to make life simpler and get you rid of your repercussions. If you are an ectomorph and you are trying to add lean body mass, you need to take some of the rules that apply to weight-loss and turn them on their head.


1. Carbohydrates:

This is where your maximum caloric intake should come from . Eat boat- loads of carbs and you will still not feel full. What more can you ask for? Use this to your advantage by eating a generous serving of carbs at every meal. Unprocessed, starchy, whole grain carbs will help you feel and look your best. Try opting for sweet potatoes over white bread. Although don't get into a habit of gulping down sugary fats all day. Keep them coming as long as you are following a fitness regime, which we will talk about ahead. some people have great difficulty eating enough calories to increase lean mass. Here are a few things you can eat in the comfort of your homes to put your stomach to some work.

2. Potatoes:

Probably the most obvious choice but also the most effective one. Potatoes are crammed with carbohydrates. All forms of this stuffy food have a major impact on weight gain. Potatoes are also rich in vitamin C and fibre. You can grill or bake potatoes with butter. People who eat potato chips and French fries tend to gain weight faster. Make French fries using extra virgin oil, if you like them. Moreover, you can also make a delicious potato salad. Peel and slice potato. Boil them and mix them with the high-calorie ingredients like buttermilk, mayonnaise, and veggies. Though, If you eat French fries or fried form of potatoes regularly, limit your potato consumption to twice a week.

3. Whole Grains:

Brown rice, oats, cereals, wheat, etc., which are the powerhouses of diverse nutrients are all whole grains. Oats,plain or brown rice are good sources of complex carbohydrates and help build your muscles. On the other hand,cereals are a high-calorie food. Consumption in the morning would be more appropriate. Brown rice can be a filling food because of its fibre, carbohydrates and protein content. Combine rice with some other nutrient and calorie-dense foods to make the best of it. Cooking them in broth or milk will be more effective too. Even though oatmeal is regarded as a weight-loss food, but it also aids weight gain when combined with full cream milk, honey, nuts as well as fresh cut fruits as per taste.

4. Yogurt:

The fat is left in adding only 60 extra calories per serving, but also keeping a lot of extra vitamins and healthy fats in your meal. The quantity of sugar, fat and protein impacts your weight greatly. Since yoghurt is a high-protein food, one feels fuller for long. Fruit based yoghurt is said to have about a hundred calories or more, for more intense meals, Greek yoghurt can be eaten since it has double protein and is more savoury.

5. Bananas :

For quick on-the-go energy and weight gain help, bananas are your go-to food product. They are high in carbohydrates, potassium and other important nutrients that give you energy and keep you healthy. There are more than 100 calories in a banana, so they can help you bulk up. Having a banana with warm milk or even having a banana shake twice a day will show results sooner.

6. Peanut Butter:

Soft and salty peanut butter on toast has nearly 200 calories. It provides a high protein boost that your body can use in a productive way. If you’re trying to gain weight, feel free to go for this high-calorie and nutritious food. You can even spread a spoonful of peanut butter on fruits or vegetables like banana, apple slices, fresh berries, etc. Alternatively, a peanut butter-jelly sandwich is a good choice and a very fond childhood memory to troll across.

7. Smoothies and Sweetened Beverages :

Sugary smoothies and beverages is another delicious way to intake calories. It aids gain weight, in a guaranteed healthy manner, due to their nutritious ingredients. You could make a smoothie with any of your favourite fruit, add a bit of frozen yoghurt and ice cubes,some sugar and it's good to go. Sweetened teas, blended coffee drinks, fruit juices, energy and sports drinks, etc are also good choices. Fresh pomegranate juice mixed with one tablespoon of honey and a bit of rock salt increases appetite while drinking coconut milk daily will increase the nutritional content in your body.

8. Dried fruits and granola :

While Granola might not seem like the most attractive food to include in your diet, it's high sugar, fibre and protein concentrations make for a very healthy way for you to add some extra calories to your diet. Dried fruits like figs, raisins, etc, have better-retained nutrients than fresher fruits and give instant energy to the body.

9. Eggs:

If you are non-vegan, you have ample of options to g through among which, eggs are the most popular and rapid weight gain promoters. Your body is flooded with high levels of Vitamins D, A and E, good cholesterol and a moderate amount of calories. Eggs are not fillers which mean having a second and even a third helping will boost your weight.

10. Chicken and Meat:

If you are looking forward to increasing fat in your body, chicken breast has almost 100 calories in a medium-sized breast. Not just this, chicken soup gives an immediate boost to the body's immune system too along with giving instantaneous warmth. Food cooked in chicken, meat or fish stock is healthier than cooking done in water. It has high nutritional values and increases the flavour of the food.

Red meat, on the other hand, is high in minerals that your body needs, along with good fat and calorie content. The more marbled a piece of meat is, the more the fat in the cut, the better it is since it'll  help increase your weight. Although, over indulgence may lead to health problems so twice a week is your limit to devour that exotic steak.


Those who are ectomorphs or :skinny",tend to be fidgety in nature.They just can't sit still, try as they might. They tend to be restless and keep pacing back and forth more often than they should with a never ending foot jiggling and nail biting. Focus on slowing down. All this extra activity dramatically increases your total daily calorie burn. You will have to end up eating more food than you already are in order to go up the weight class. Getting rid of such ingrained behaviour may take time but try looking for more time to relax in your overall schedule.




Exercising on a daily basis is important even for those who want to gain weight. It increases the appetite and improves overall health. Yoga asanas like Surya namaskar (sun salutation), bhujang asana (snake posture), dhanurasana (bow posture) and chakra asana (wheel posture) can be practised to gain weight. Weight gain is accomplished by exercising when the muscle mass in your body increases. Being skinny or an ectomorph, your body has a really strong metabolism and burns calories way too efficiently. This can prevent you from putting on weight easily, which creates a disadvantage for anyone aspiring to gain weight. Your weight workouts, cardio, stress training should not last more than 45-60 minutes.

Get in and get out. Get your workout done and go eat as quickly as possible. With a routine involving a majority of the free weight, compound movements you will force your muscles to grow! A person with this type of body will also need more time to recover in-between workouts from giving their body time to adjust to this vigorous new routine they are putting their body through.

Remember to switch up your routine everyone once in a while to keep progress moving along. High-Calorie weight gainer shakes will be your friend also, it may be smart to invest in a weight gainer powder if you don't have time to cook or eat the foods or just need that extra calorie kick.


Always prioritise your sleep. Sleep is when your body goes into deep recovery mode and when you can be sure that you are recovering and building muscle. Not just this but also, while sleeping your body releases growth hormones, which are a key to jumpstarting weight gain .Incorporating 8 to 9 hours of sleep in your routine is the must if you wish to increase your weight.


It's vital that you make adjustments to how you live, exercise and eat in order to obtain the desired results and by eating a lot of healthy nutritional dense foods, while combining with weight-gainer shakes and some junk food (in proportion), there is no reason why an ectomorph or a skinny person cannot build a well-sculptured and healthy physique.