Game of Thrones: Latest teasers hit at Jon Snow’s fate

New Delhi: HBO just unveiled three new teasers of Game of Throne and we can’t stop wondering about the fate of Jon Snow.

“Queen of Nobody” says a lot about Dany, who was last seen surrounded by Dothraki men on a remote island. “You are nobody. The millionth of your name. Queen of Nobody,” says the video for the House Targaryen in Dothraki.

“Together we can over throw an empire” takes a peek into the Lannister minds with a clear indication that they are not the ones who give up. “Everyone of us is poor and powerless. But if we are together, we can overthrow an empire,” it says.

“Winterfell is Mine” says everything that we need to know about the fate of Jon Snow. “Winterfell is mine. Come and See.”

So does this mean Jon Snow will take up on Stannis’ offer and take over as the new ‘Lord of Winterfell’, that is if he is still alive?

We won’t know anything for sure till Game of Thrones season 6 premiers on April 24.

Till then, hold your breaths and pray!

(Image courtesy: Twitter)

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