`Gareebon se paisa kheechon, ameeron ko paisa seechon'..Rahul's take on 'Feku's note ban

Panaji: Tearing into the Narendra Modi government, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that under the NDA government the poor have got poorer while the rich have got richer. Note ban is yet another attempt by the Modi government to rob poor and put money in the pocket of rich.

"Demonetisation is all about 'gareebon se paisa kheechon, ameeron ko paisa seechon'," Rahul said at a public meeting here. "As Modi did not allow me to speak in Parliament, I am speaking at this public meeting," an aggressive Congress VP said.

Accusing Modi of "dividing" India into two parts, Rahul said, "One per cent (is of) super rich and the other 99 per cent honest Indians including common people, workers, farmers, small-time businessmen and the middle class. In the last two-and-a-half years, one per cent super rich have amassed 60 per cent of the wealth."

"1% super-rich people usurped Rs 8 lakh crore from India's banks.When they didn't return money,you(Centre) called it non-performing asset," Rahul said. "In last 2.5 years, PM Modi waived off Rs 1,10,000 crore of these people. After demonetisation,he waived off Vijay Mallya's Rs 1200 crore," Rahul added.

He said total 50 Indian families have the maximum wealth of the country. (News24Bureau/PTI)