GIFT fore mobile users..You will pay LESS for your calls

New Delhi: There is some more good news on its way for mobile phone users. Well, you may not believe it, but the fact is that the call rates are going to drop further thereby reducing your mobile bill which may have gone up due to GST.

The reason for the drop in call rates is that the TRAI has made up its mind to reduce the interconnect usage charges (IUC). IUC is the fee telecom  companies pay each other for connecting calls.  Currently the IUC is 14 paise a minute which may now come down under 10 paise per minute. For long, Reliance Jio has been demanding cut in IUC as the company bears a lot of IUC cost on itself after it disrupted the market with free offers. However, companies like Airtel and Vodafone are not in favour of  cut in IUC as they earn thousand of crores via IUC. For example Airtel, according to a report, earned Rs 10,279 core last year via IUC. Reports suggest that Airtel, unlike Jio, wants a hike in IUC to 30 paise per minute. News24Bureau