Girl who complained of molestation set on fire in Aligarh

Lucknow, March 8: A Class 11 student was set on fire by family members of her harasser in Aligarh, police said on Tuesday. The severely burnt girl, who was set on fire late Monday, was battling for life in the trauma centre, a police official said. Owing to her critical condition, the magistrate could not record her statement, the official said. The girl's family alleged the girl was set on fire by family members of the man who had tried to molest her a few days back. The family had complained to the police and the man was sent to jail. To take revenge, the family of the arrested man set the girl on fire when her parents were not at home. The elder sister and younger brother of the victim were on the first floor and suddenly heard their sister crying for help. Police were investigating the incident and examining if the girl attempted suicide in wake of possible threats by the man's family.