Give your office dressing a fashionable twist

New Delhi: There is no need to feel restricted when it comes to giving a fashionable twist to your office wear, says an expert.

Jainam Kumarpal, Director, Bhu:sattva - an organic and eco fashion brand, lists down some dressing tips for office. 

* Highlighting a single item: One of the easiest ways to look chic but exciting is to create an element of surprise and contrast. Pick out a formal outfit- a work suit, a dress or a sari- and make sure that it is a monotone piece, preferably in a blunted colour.

The key to this look is to subsequently choose one piece of clothing or accessory or makeup that stands out. It could be a piece of statement jewellery, a bright watch, a red lip colour, neon-toned shoes or an interesting handbag. This creates a classy yet quirky ensemble.

* Keep it (a little) careless: There is nothing worse than someone looking painfully prim every single day. A carefree presence is welcome once in a while, but it is crucial to not overdo it. The look you should aim for is one that exudes confidence and comfort - as if you dress well but with minimal effort. Clashing different style items, playing with shapes, and wearing brogues or oxfords are all great ways of keeping it casually formal.

* Say yes to the jeans: While jeans have long been considered casual wear, fashion trends are changing and many offices now consider it normal for employees to show up in denim bottoms. The important part is to make sure that everything except the pants is formal and toned down.

You can complement your favourite pair of jeans with patent shoes, a silk blouse, a professional bag and a blazer (if the weather permits). Just make sure you go in for environmental-friendly options like artificial leather and cruelty-free silk.

* Unleash your inner slayer: There is nothing as inspiring as a person dressing posh and powerful to work. Wear rich fabrics, long trousers, pencil skirts and striking lipstick, or carry massive clutches- you make the rules and you have the finals(l)ay.

* It is always summer if you want: Summer is synonymous with all things cheerful and so should be your style. Challenging yourself not to wear any black article for a week or pairing your formals with breezy scarves is an exhilarating way to keep up your spirit even while trudging through endless work days.

* Pick the right print: Simply choosing the appropriate print can make or break a look. And once you have made the choice for a particular item, everything else must frame it perfectly. With slightly zany prints like cats or flowers, other parts of the outfit must be dark or solid coloured. 

Similarly, a floral blouse must not be paired with, say, a full A-line skirt. Smaller patterns are always a better choice for office and allow for a more polished look. Pinstripes are also a convenient print as they instantly make an outfit look professional.