Glenfiddich eyes 30% share of Indian single malt whisky market

New Delhi: UK-based spirits maker William
Grant & Sons is eyeing over 30 per cent of the single malt
Scotch whisky market in India in the next six to seven years
as it plans to offer more products and expand reach in the
It is presently having around one-fourth of the Indian
single malt Scotch whiskey market through its brand
The current size of the Indian single malt Scotch whisky
is around 1.5 lakh cases. A case contains nine bottles of one
litre whiskey.
"Last year, Glenfiddich was about 40,000 cases out of
that. We are growing our market share here. Earlier, we were
around 25,000 cases and we are looking at double digit
growth," William Grant & Sons India Head of Marketing Shweta
Jain told PTI.
On being asked by when it would have one-third of the
market share, she said: "probably in the next 6 to 7 years".
The whisky maker has several brands in its Indian
portfolio including Balvenie, Monkey Shoulder, Hendrick's Gin,
Grant's and other varietals from Glenfiddich.
The company is also introducing some of its leading brands
from its global portfolio.
"Step by step we are doing it. In the last quarter of the
previous year, we had introduced Monkey Shoulder and many more
is going to come in," Jain added.
According to her, now Indians are travelling globally and
are exploring the popular brands across the globe.
"Faster adaption are happening to various pallets, so we
are closely watching that as we want to participate in that
opportunity. We want to bring the very best we have to offer
globally into the country as well," she said, adding that
appetite for nicer quality drink among Indians is going up.
William Grant & Sons is having a triple digit growth in
India as it is introducing new brands here.
"We are introducing varietals also. Its not just one
expression. Within Glenfiddich, we introduced 26 years old and
21 years old recently. Within Grants more and more expression
are coming in. We have small presence for many years but we
are now wanting to expand," she added.