Google launches Allo, expects to beat WhatsApp with smart AI

New Delhi: Aiming to beat WhatsApp and Facebook's Messenger app, Google has today launched Allo. Earlier this year, the company had launched Duo in May this year at its IO event. Duo is a video calling app and Allo is a messaging app. Allo is expected to compete directly against Facebook's Messanger app and WhatsApp.

Though Allo appears to be just another messaging app, however, the smart messaging app does more than just texting with friends. The first noticeable feature that anyone would notice is the always available Google Assistant. The basic function of the Google Assistant is to guide you through the app's features. But, it does much more than that.

Google assistant provides a number of options towards you after a simple "What you can do?". The Google Assistant helps you find plenty of things including flights, hotels, alarm, set reminders, and also gives you leading news in various categories. All the information shown by Google Assistant is based on the company's services like News, Weather, etc.