Google's Holi doodle is a cavalcade of colors!

New Delhi: Google is celebrating Holi and its a cavalcade of colors!

Beige coloured logo of Google comes to life with burts of red, green blue and yellow.

Holi Festival 2016

"Today, people around the world will pelt each other with colored powder in celebration of Holi, the centuries-old holiday that is now celebrated throughout the world. Holi coincides with the beginning of Spring, and for many it’s an opportunity to indulge in the bright, colorful festivity of the new season. Our Doodle honors this tradition, and all those celebrating on this joyous day," Google shared in a post.

The colourful doodle is visible in 11 countries including India, Canada, Sweden, Latvia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

News24 Bureau