GOT alert: Click here to know which characters are alive in Season 6

New Delhi: Game of Thrones Season 6 is releasing on April 24 and we can’t wait to see which characters make it to the next season alive!

While HBO had released the first trailer of season 6 back in December, it remains unknown when it will release the next trailer.

Grabbing out curiosity, HBO recently released 20 photographs from the highly anticipated season.

Here are few faces that we will get to see in the upcoming season:

Arya Stark is blind but alive.


Daenerys Targaryen is alone and angry.


Tyrion and Lord Varys are together.


Margaery Tyrell is getting tormented by Septa Unella for all her lies.


The high sparrow speaks.


Supportive “siblings”- Jaime and Cersei.


Bran Stark is guided by ‘the three-eyed raven’.


Boltons are Boltons!


Balon Greyjoy is cranky as ever.


Tommen Baratheon is alive and ruling Westeros.


Yara Greyjoy is worried and confused.


Sam and Tilly are far away from “the wall”.


Sir Davos is on the watch.


Brienne of Tarth is just floating around.


The red priestess is calling the shots at the Night’s watch.


Missandei is wondering (about Dany and Drogo).


Theon and Sansa are alive & have no broken bones.

Sadly, there is no sign of Jon Snow in HBO's latest release. Though fans have their own theories, HBO and the makers of the series have denied his return.

Jon Snow's return remains the biggest mystery of the season and will return be unveiled only when the series premiers in April.

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