Govt wakes up after 19 years, rail accident compensation doubled

New Delhi: In a fast changing world, one of the most important things has remained static for years now. That, now is set to change. The Ministry of railways has decided to double the compensation for the victims  of the rail accident. This will change after 19 years.

The move comes after 143 passengers were killed in the Kanpur train accident. Starting from New Year, the compensation for family of a deceased person will be  Rs 8 lakh, instead of Rs 4 lakh at present.  A person facing a serious amputation, like loss of a hand or foot, loss of eye-sight, severe facial disfigurement and suffering absolute deafness will also get a compensation of Rs 8 lakh instead of Rs 4 lakh at present. The compensation for other major injuries has also been doubled to Rs 7.2 lakh.

The government decision can be also be seen in the backdrop of the Bombay High Court observation that the compensation should be in line with increase in inflation since 1997, when the compensation was last revised. (News24Bureau)