Great news.. Jio will protect your car from thieves

Mumbai:In this fast-moving age, how about a car controlled by a mobile app. Imagine a device that will help you control vehicle’s movement and alert owner about fuel and battery through a mobile app. In case of a theft, you will be able to immobilize the car using your phone.


Well, Reliance Jio will make it happen with Jio Car Connect- a dongle with Jio SIM and an app in the mobile to convert a simple car into a smart one. The dongle needs to be inserted into the on-board diagnostic port of a car and the app will reveal all activities of the car even when it is kilometres away. Using the app, you can turn on the engine of the car and switch on the air-conditioning machine on a hot summer day while sitting in office.

It not only promises to reduce chances of theft, it can also help prevent it from bad handling by others. This dongle is compatible with all cars manufactured after 2013, officials said.

Jio Car Connect will have multiple features. It will immobilize car at the time of theft and alert the owner about car movement. It will also help you locate car and also provide Wi-Fi within car. For this, all that you need to do is use Jio SIM in the device to avail benefits. The price of the car connected device is likely to be around that of Jio’s MiFi device which costs around Rs 2,000.

With help of Jio’s car device, the owner will get information about the way his driver is driving the car. The owner can restrict the movement of vehicle within a geographical area and switch on/off AC of car from any remote location and also get alerts on car break.

While sitting in the office, one can turn on the engine of the car with the help of the app and switch on the air-conditioning machine on a hot summer day.

The company plans to soon launch this product in the market. At present, it is sourcing the device from abroad. But it is in talks with the vendors to set up manufacturing hubs in India as part of its Make in India promotion plans. (Agencies/News24Bureau)