Great news.. Withdraw Rs 50000/week..very soon

New Delhi: The daily ATM cash withdrawal limit has been hiked to Rs 10,000. The weekly limit for those with current account have been allowed to withdraw Rs 1 lakh. but, the real big news is yet to come, in fact it will come soon.


Sources say that withdrawal limit was increased to Rs 10,000 in view of the elections in states, where the cash requirements are relative less compared to the metros and big cities. The needs of the metro city will be attended to in the next phase of hike.

It is expected, sources say, that the weekly withdrawal limit will be hiked to Rs 50,000. This, according to sources, will be done keeping in view the BMC polls in Mumbai. Shiv Sena is likely to make cash a crunch a issue in BMC polls, and to counter that the government may convince RBI to more than double the weekly limit to Rs 50,000 for everybody. (News24Bureau)