Grew up with a strong work ethic: Kajol

Kajol may have spent close to three decades in the industry, but says her dedication to give it all for work hasn't reduced.



"I've come from a time when we worked from 7 in the morning till 9 in the night on a daily basis without the comforts of sitting in an AC room. Somewhere down the line, you realise that work is God," she says.

"You have to take it seriously every day, it's the most important thing."

Much of the discipline, Kajol says, is passed down from her actress mother Tanuja that taught her early in childhood that no work is lesser or bigger.

"As a kid my mother made me sweep the house and clean the bathroom. She said if at any point you don't have servants in your house, you should be able to look after the house. I did it."

"Somewhere it gives you amazing work ethic," Kajol says. "Nobody's job is less, one should respect all. I've made my kids broom the house so that they learn not to litter."