Hang the killers..Who killed 30 kids for Rs 63 lakhs in Gorakhpur

Lucknow: Stung by the criticism in case of 30 deaths of children for want of oxygen in a Gorakhpur hospital, the UP government on Saturday tried to wash off its hand and blamed the medical college and the supplier instead. UP health minister Siddharth Nath Singh that the BDR Medical College in Gorakhpur had note informed the government about shortage of oxygen.

Singh said that doctors did the raise the issue with CM Yogi Adityanath when he had visited the hospital. "The Chief Minister was not informed by the doctors and officials about shortage of oxygen neither on July 9 nor on August 9.The shortage of oxygen was not highlighted. The medical education minister was also not briefed about it. Appropriate action will be taken keeping these points in mind and a probe will be done," Singh added.

However, documents available with News24 prove that the supplier had witten a letter to the government, medical college and local administration on August 1, August 8 and August 9 which had talked about the dues and the fact that the oxygen supply will be cut if dues were not paid.  

Clearly, the state government seems  to be refusing to accpet negligence on its part and was trying to shift blame. This was proved when the health minister suspended Principal of the BDR Medical College, and blamed the oxygen supplier. Singh went on question the oxygen supplier, saying how could the supplier stop supply of an essential commodity?     

Media reports said that the supplier had sent a legal notice to BDR Medical College  about dues of Rs 63 lakh, but the dues were not paid. Why the dues were not paid, it is not clear yet. 

Gorakhpur district magistrate Rajeev Rautela had on Friday said at least 30 children had died in the Medical College within 48 hours. Though the Gorakhpur district magistrate had not given any reason for the deaths, the Union home ministry had said according to the SP of Gorakhpur, 21 children died due to shortage of supply of liquid oxygen. "As per SP Gorakhpur, 21 children died due to shortage of supply of liquid oxygen in BRD Medical College, in last 36 hours. Senior officers are on the spot. Exact cause is being verified by civil administration," a home ministry spokesperson had said.

The state health minister has said that according to reports from the paediatric department of the BDR Medical College, 60 children had died due to various diseases since August 7. News24Bureau with PTI inputs