Hard Rock Cafe celebrates 45th Founder's Day

New Delhi:Rock music-themed restaurant chain Hard Rock Cafe is celebrating its 45th Founder’s Day on Tuesday in its outlets all over the world. To celebrate the chain's inception, Hard Rock Cafe outlets in India will revel as the clocks turn back to its birth year 1971 to treat guests to exciting offers commemorating the grand occasion.  The cafe will take customers down the memory lane by recreating the day when two enterprising music lovers from the US -- Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett -- opened the doors of the first Hard Rock Cafe in London. The launch dates back to the time when the legendary musician, Eric Clapton asked to hang his guitar at the outlet, obliged by Tigrett and Morton with a vision of combining music, memorabilia and food for the most remarkable party experience. Commenting on the 45th year, Jay Singh, Co-Founder and Executive Director of JSM Corporation, said: “We have come a long way since the day Eric Clapton hung his guitar on the Hard Rock Cafe wall."  "We are excited to relive Hard Rock Cafe’s first day. It will be a celebration in remembrance of what founders Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton envisioned the club to be."  Hard Rock Cafe celebrates its birthday by offering guests the first beer of their order exclusively at Rs 45.  As part of the celebrations, the restaurant will have retro music all day and cake-cutting to end the night on a perfect note.