Harley-Davidson Upgrades Touring Range With New Milwaukee-Eight Engine


2017 Harley Davidson CVO Limited

Popular American leisure motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has upgraded its range of touring motorcycles with new and advanced V-twins. This is the ninth generation of the company's iconic Big Twin engines and are christened “Milwaukee-Eights.” Featuring precision oil-cooled cylinder heads, there are two versions of this new motor to cover all the Harley touring motorcycles on offer. 

2017 Harley Davidson Road Glide Special

The Milwaukee-Eight 107 powers the Street Glide Special, Road Glide Special and the Road King while the CVO Limited gets the Milwaukee-Eight 114. The new engines are said to provide more power, better throttle response, quicker acceleration, improved heat management and reduced vibrations along with a new styling, altogether offering an improved motorcycling experience for riders and passengers.

2017 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special

Commenting on the launch of the updated Harley-Davidson touring range with the new Milwaukee-Eight engines, Scott Miller, vice-president of styling and product development strategy, Harley-Davidson, said, “The guiding principle behind the Milwaukee-Eight engine was our voice of customer research from every region of the world. Riders asked us to create a new engine designed to enhance their motorcycle touring experience in every way. Those same voices also demanded that we stay true to our legacy and respect the defining elements of a Harley-Davidson V-Twin. It was a big challenge, but one we’ve met. With the Milwaukee-Eight, a new era of Harley-Davidson power, performance and innovation have been forged.”

2017 Harley-Davidson Road King

Coming to the improved performance of the new Milwaukee-Eight V-twins, the motors produces 10 percent more torque compared to their respective predecessors. 

Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight

The increased engine capacity further helps in better performance with higher compression ratio. 

Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight 4-valve cylinder head

The new 4-valve cylinder heads and dual spark plug technology results in a more efficient combustion process. 

Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight twin spark plugs

The new Milwaukee-Eight 107 accelerates around 11 per cent quicker than the previous Twin Cam High Output 103 motor, while the CVO Limited is now 8-12 percent quicker with the new Milwaukee-Eight 114 twin.

Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight oil cooling

The heat management system has also been revised for the new Milwaukee-Eight power mills and the idle speed has also been reduced from 1,000rpm to 850rpm. It has improved thermal comfort due to reduced heat absorption, increased heat rejection and relocated exhaust system. 

Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Cam Shaft

The new motor is rubber-mounted and gets a counter-balancer that helps reduce primary vibrations by 75 per cent. The clutch leverage has also been reduced by 7 per cent with an improved hydraulic system. 

Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Alternator

The exhaust note has also been enhanced and now it is even richer than the previous generation. The new power management system provides 50 percent more power to the battery, so you will get more charge to use your touring accessories on the bike. 

Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight

The updates are not limited to the mechanical aspects, but cosmetic alterations are also provided for a better look. The Milwaukee-Eight engine features sleek, modern styling that respects the heritage of previous Harley-Davidson Big Twin engines. Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson Director of Styling, said, “The Milwaukee-Eight engine is styled to project power. I compare it to the back of a swimmer, lean in the waist but broad and muscular in the shoulders.”


Pricing for the Harley Davidson CVO (On Road Price of Delhi)

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Harley Davidson Cvo Limited            54,94,834


Harley-Davidson Upgrades Touring Range With New Milwaukee-Eight Engine