Harris wrote '100%' of Taylor Swift cheating song

Los Angeles: DJ Calvin Harris wrote "100 percent" of his new song "Ole", which is conjectured to be about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift's new relationship with actor Tom Hiddleston, says John Newman, who teamed up with him for the track. Newman says that he had nothing to do with the lyrical content of the single, reports femalefirst.co.uk. "In all honesty, Calvin has done 100 per cent of the writing on this. I went into the studio, he said, 'Sing this', and I sang the song," Newman told the Evening Standard newspaper.  "He told me how to sing it. It's a weird one because I have got no comment on the thing (Swift and Hiddleston's relationship). I honestly can't -- it wouldn't be fair. I have just related to the tune in my own way," he added.  Lyrics to the song include: "My heart speaks/ I ain't seen you or been with you for weeks/ But I see online that you've begun to be/ A good girl and take trips with your boyfriend/ Being attentive, continue to pretend."  They also throw in an apparent reference to Hiddleston's "Avengers" character Loki with the words: "Low key you won't tell none of your friends about me".