Harry Styles was always a charmer, says his sister

London: Singer Harry Styles had his first girlfriend at the age of around five and has always been a charmer, says his elder sister.

"He didn't find it difficult to make friends and had his first girlfriend at the age of four or five," the One Direction star's sister Gemma, 25, revealed, reported The Daily Star.

"On a family holiday to Cyprus, when Harry must have been about seven, he was holding court around the pool with people three times his age.

"When we left on a shuttle bus back to the airport at the end of our trip there was a crowd of young women gathered on the pavement waving him off through the window, shouting their goodbyes," she added.

Harry, now 22, is readying a solo career in music and even films.

Recalling her brother's school days, Gemma said: "He would be stood up in the back of the car, entertaining everyone through the open window. Even then he had a sort of magnetism that made people just want to watch him.

"His bundles of talent are a mixture of natural ability and intense heart."