Has Kangana found a new supporter in Aamir Khan?

New Delhi, Oct 17: Bollywood Diva, Kangana Ranaut has been in the headlines for a while now. After her ugly public fall out with Hrithik Roshan, a part of Bollywood has been boycotting Kangana Ranaut and now, with many supporting Hritik, Aamir Khan shows his support towards Kangana. 

According to the reports, Kangana found an invitation in her mailbox to a special screening of Aamir's 'Secret Superstar', at the Ambani residence in Antilla on the weekend.

Since, Ambanis have a screening theatre in their mansion, many filmmakers and actors host screenings there. It was a surprise that none other than Kangana Ranaut was present in the screening.

 According to a report, "Aamir feels it is unfair that Kangana is being boycotted by Bollywood. So, along with his wife Kiran Rao, Kangana was the only person invited for the screening at the Ambani house. Huma Qureshi also came for the screening and drove in with the Khans. Kangana had also recently visited Antilla during the MAMI festival, at a party thrown by the family"