Hema Malini kissed only this man on-screen

New Delhi, Oct 16: It is common knowledge how Hema Malini catapulted to stardom even before her first movie was released. Seeing her gorgeous photographs splashed in newspapapers and magazines producers were lining up to sign her and it became widely understood that she simply obeyed her mother and did not deviate from the rules set by her mother.

 Indeed, it was obvious that even the dreams she cherished had to have her mother’s approval.Draped in gorgeous Kancheepurams Jaya Chakravarthy sat regally in the drawing room of the house rented out temporarily in Bombay and decided every day what her daughter should do. A well-read lady, Jaya wrote poems and short stories in Tamil and shared them with those who were proficient in Tamil. An aunt chaperoned Hema to the studios when Jaya Chakravarthy was busy with something more pressing. Those were the days when the majority of leading ladies had mothers providing protection when they reported for work or made public appearances. 

All was well and peaceful in Jaya Chakravarthy’s world till cupid entered the scene stealthily and, quite unknown to Jaya Chakravarthy, her obedient daughter, now a hugely successful star, began to fall for the charms of her co star Dharmendra. While he was the most handsome man of the industry, she was the prettiest girl of Bollywood.

And Hema's mother ensured that her daughter donned decent dress and did decent roles. Hema's onscreen kiss was only for Dharmendra.