Highlighting two kinds of actors in Movies today!

Should you slip fully under the skin of your character, delving into those half-subsided emotions or embrace the outer drafts that lead you understand your character? There's no questioning that an actor has the potential to think beyond the ordinary. To experiment and break-down the various notions of realism. The true magic is in the way the actor takes on a character and transforms it into a reverred saga of enlightenment, fantasy and fun all combined. 

Let's highlight two kinds of actors and the way they create magic on screen: 

Firstly, the Method Actor. The kind of (celebrated) actor that is supposedly renowned for staying in character for up to years at a time. Its as if they're living as their characters as an extension of themselves.  This requires full-fledged commitment from them. They put in months and months of research, studying not just the character they play, but its reasons for being that kind of a person - that entails the background, the supporting characters and what the script they are trying to achieve. Then they will buy 20 pairs of shoes, 55 pairs of suits and 75 pairs of sunglasses just so that the character looks smack-on screen. An example of such an actor is Aamir Khan (methodical to the core!). Let's talk about his film Taare Zameen Par: The story is endearing and needed to be conveyed to everyone. Aamir Khan's 2007 release Taare Zameen Par hit right chords as it successfully created awareness about a condition called “dyslexia”'. Aamir spent a good 14-16 months researching on this particular subject and he himself took the onus of directing it. In lieu of correctly staying true to his own methodology to create perfection, he decided to steer the ship in the direction towards the right message to be portrayed. Methodology helps actors stay in focus, be productive, not get distracted and achieve their topmost portrayal in the most elementary way possible.  

Secondly, the Spontaneous actor. These actors that rely on their instinct. An actor’s instinct is the strongest element you have, and the instinct should just come without going through the brain, because then it’s not instinctive. These actors don't mind filming the last bit of the film first or the middle bit of the film last. They have formed their perceptions on the film or their character already (from the onset). The biggest advantage of such actors is that when they follow their impulses, any barriers, biases or self-editing is sidestepped. That also accompanies self-abuse and self-consciousness. The actor then responds truly and truly to the appropriate characteristics of the character and thus justifying the storyline. Thus, as opposed to method acting, where nuances are borrowed, sponty actors give it their own interpretation. Then on breathing a fresh perspective (life) into their characters. 

Therefore, whether you're a method actor or a sponty one, you come at a very important crossroads while filming. Which is to portray the character to your best abilities so that you can properly convey the message that the movie is set out to do. The style completely is dependent on the actor and does effect the way they embody the role. The way the actor decides to approach a certain role is dependent on their confidence in their abilities, their experience, their craft and their understanding of the script. A confident actor is like a meteor that can't be stopped from its purpose - which is to enlighten and jolt the universe with its prepatent qualities.