Hilary Duff 'terrified' about son joining showbiz

New York:  Singer-actress Hilary Duff is "terrified" about the idea of her son Luca Cruz Comrie entering showbiz. “That terrifies me,” Duff told people.com here at the Host One to Remember campaign launch about the idea of her son working in the entertainment industry. However, the actress said that he is "really creative".  “He is really creative with his play and the stories that he will come up with. I do it a lot with him, so I think it has helped him learn how to do it, but sometimes the things he comes up with are really creative," Duff said.  She said the four-year-old also loves Snapchat.  “He is loving Snapchat. He just likes the filters, he likes to play around with them,” Duff said.  Duff also revealed that her son recently won an award for soccer.  “He got a little award the other day for soccer. It was so cute. All the kids got awards, but he finished his round of soccer, and he is loving that," she said.