Hillary hoping to capitalize on Obama's presidency

Sleeves rolled up, high-pitched voice and imparting wisdom to his enamoured audience, only the time is 8 years later. We are reminded of a charged-up and passionate Obama during his own campaign tour back in 2008. This time, he is campaigning for Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton.

"I'm here today because I believe in Hillary Clinton," he said. "I have had a front-row seat to her judgment and her commitment."

The dynamic democratic duo of Obama and Clinton in North Carolina fired up the crowds with their influential talks and promises of the continuing to build on the success of the Obamas terms that served the country with the best suited policies and governance. Most importantly, she was trying to capitalize on his ability to connect with people at a very personal level, which had won him the presidency in the first place.

The duo flew to Charlotte together on Air Force One, and they rode to the rally together in Obama's armored limousine, known as "The Beast." Clinton shared photos of her grandchildren, Charlotte and newborn Aidan, with the president.

Hillary is hoping to mirror Obama's scandal-free Presidency. His two terms are looked as a saving grace and he is looked up as a Messiah for Americans. He indeed saved the Americans from another great depression by stabilizing the economy, decreasing unemployment and brought back some retribution after conquering Saddam Hussein.

Hillary, can sure hope for a successful term or terms like her formidable predecessor, however, she has made a few goof-ups which are unforgivable and may cost her the final ticket. The one that sticks out is her 2002 vote authorizing military intervention in Iraq which has haunted Clinton since, and opened up a space for an anti-war candidate in this year’s primary. While John Edwards, who cast the same vote, later claimed to have made a mistake in doing so, Clinton, still hoping for a victory there, stuck to her decision to the vote and has kept up with the 1990s image of the Clintons as the “know it alls”.

On the flip side, voters are associating her upcoming presidential run with her husband's administration, as she is basing her bid on experience. She was openly involved in Bill's presidency and the nation enjoyed immense prosperity during his terms. As opposed to Obama's main message behind his campaign was “change”. Obama’s consistent opposition to the war, from the outset to the present, helped build his brand and voter base.

Whether she benefits from her husband's terms or Obama's, the appealing possibility of Hillary becoming the nation's first woman president is undoubtedly credible.