Hindu boy from Mulund radicalised? Calls family to tell he hates Hinduism and wants to embrace Islam instead

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Oct 25: The news must have come as a shock for 23-year-old Jagdish Parihar's family living in Mulund. On the fateful day of 23rd October, Tuesday, the boy called his home to inform his shocked and aghast family that he is leaving his family for good as he was unhappy with Hinduism (the religion he was born into) and that he wanted to adopt Islam now instead. Before the family could react, Jagdish was gone.The beleaguered family tried putting pieces together and the could see the pattern behind the entire story which ended on a sad note.The incident, feel police, is a honeytrap where the boy was lured into the deadly trap.The family recalls that he was often seen hooked to his computer and chatting with a lady.At around 1.30 PM he left the house and told his family that he was going to his college to fill his 3rd-year-form for his TYBCOM. And then at 7.30 PM he shocked the family with this news.

"I'm unhappy with Hinduism, I want to convert to Islam," is all he said. Police have confirmed that the now missing young man was last spotted at the Mumbai international airport, and fear he may have already left the country.

The senior police officer investigating the case said that Jagdish's brother met them and shared the entire details of the case with them. But Jadish was clever enough to delete all relevant information from the computer and had formatted it so that no trace of his conversation and dubious acts could lead them to any conclusion. He even deleted his facebook account.