Hindu temples must not celebrate 'Western' New Year..Naidu shocker

New Delhi, Dec 23: In a controversial decision, the Andhra Pradesh government has spoiled the New Year revelry by banning of the New Year festivities on January 1 in all the temples.

A circular issued by the Andhra Pradesh Endowments Department, through the Hindu Dharma Parirakshana Trust (HDPT), said that the Hindu temples should not celebrate New Year and spend lavishly for the same.

"India got independence 70 years ago. But we have been following the English calendar that was made a habit during the British rule. Wishing on 1st January and celebrating it as a festival is not Indian Vedic Tradition," Dr C Raghavacharyulu, the Secretary of HDPT, said.

"It came to my notice from the Honorable Commissioner of Endowments that even Hindu temples are following the British tradition. They are wishing the devotees on 1st January and are spending lakhs of rupees on floral decorations. The Commissioner is of the opinion that it is not proper to spend money received as donation from devotees for western tradition. It should be spent only for Indian tradition," Raghavacharyulu added.

He also said the Ugadi festival, which is celebrated on the first day of Chaitra (lunar) in April, should be celebrated as per the Indian tradition.