Hmm...Is Salman married to Iulia?

New Delhi, Jan 17: Is Iulia sad and dejected? The way Iulia speaks on her relationship with Salman Khan gives on this faint hint. She was cornered about Salman Khan and she took the questions hurled at her by few scribes with a pinch of salt.  When she was asked bout her impending marriage with Tiger Salman Khan she said that she has lots of respect for him but things don't turn out to be according to oneself. She reportedly said that she is "aware of the rumours" but "most of them are not true". She said that she is helpless and she cannot stop people from making stories. In a philosophical manner she said that she doesn't have any idea where life is taking her. She further added that three years ago, she was all about being responsible and making plans. However, she feels "not everything turns out the way one expects them to" and not everything is in one's will. Finally she did seem to have a ray of hop when she said that whatever is meant to happen will happen. Amen Iulia.