Holi Mischief: Remedies for egg throwing on windshield

Holi is a festival of togetherness. It brings people from all walks of life together to celebrate the colours of life. The streets are filled with children and adults who are soaked in the coloured water, enjoying the 'Vasant Utsav'. However, many people go overboard with their celebration. They play holi with the help of items like eggs, grease and mud.

Egg throwing on cars has become a common phenomenon. Some people do it for thrill while others may have an ulterior motive.

Delhi is known for playing the most rowdy Holi. On this day, if you're driving and someone throws an egg on your windshield, be prepared to do the following:

Do not use the wiper Under any circumstances, do not use the wiper. It will further smudge the screen and reduce the vision.

Do not get out of the car Egg throwing, as mentioned earlier, can be an attempt of the goons to make you stop. Thus, in all likely cases, its better not to get out of the car till you’re not sure of the neighborhood. If the place is abandoned, it’s probably an activity of someone with bad intentions.

Keep important number in hand One should always have a list of all the important numbers for emergency. That list should be kept in handy. Tragedy doesn’t strike with an invitation.

Go to the nearest Petrol Pump The best way to tackle with this situation is to proceed to a nearest petrol pump. Once you reach there, you can get out of the car and wipe the windshield.

Use soapy water Egg yolk can be difficult to clean. Cleaning it with water will not solve the problem. Use soapy water to remove the stain from the windshield. Once then, use a clean towel to wipe out the stain.

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