Holi: The festival of the world

Holi, the festival of colours has transcended from the Indian borders and has mesmerized the entire globe for the way its celebrated. People from all across the world have welcomed this festival of spreading love. Although Indians living abroad have imported this festival to the foreign land, however its jubilant n vibrant nature has struck a chord with many. Hence Holi is celebrated as a grand festival in various parts of the world.


Here are some of the places where Holi is played in full swing:



As USA has a lot of Indians, this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the US. The Indian communities unite to play Holi, while dancing to the tunes of their favourite songs. As a matter of fact, Utah in USA conducts an annual race called the Colour Run where in the participants are dressed in white at the beginning of the race. However, in the five km long race, colour is thrown at them at regular intervals. This race is heavily drawn from Holi.



It comprises of a large amount of Indians. As a result, Holi is celebrated in full rigor in Mauritius. Like India, Mauritius follows the entire tradition attached to the notion of Holi. They light the Holika the way Indians do, before engaging in the celebrations. On the day of Holi, since it’s an official holiday on this day, they dance and colour one another till the streets are filled with the colour of brotherhood.


United Kingdom

Holi is associated with colours, music and fun in UK. Since many Indians have migrated to UK, they’ve taken this festival along with themselves. South Hall in London, which is also referred to as Mini India sees a large amount of crowd engaging in the playful act of the festival. There will be colour all over, while one throws water. Loud music provisions are made with many Indians putting up stalls of Indian food and sweets. It’s more like a carnival there.


North America

Wherever there are Indians, holi will be played in that place. However in North America, there is a place called Suriname. Just like Holi, they celebrate a festival called Phagwa. Although the names of the festival are different, both of them mark the onset of the spring season. Like Holika, they burn the castor oil plant that they’ve grown over a week. It’s followed by celebration wherein they colour one another and distribute sweets. It’s exactly like Holi.


Trinidad and Tabago

Just like Surinam, even they follow the Phagwa. They plant the castor oil plant a month in advance.  On the day of Holika, they burn the plant as a sacrifice to commemorate Prahlad’s devotion to Lord Shiva. The following day, the entire city breaks into a mood of celebration wherein people are throwing colours at one another while dancing on loud music.


Holi is celebrated throughout the world. Thus, News24 wishes all its readers a Happy Holi. Play safe!