Hollywood has real people for friendship: Daniel Zovatto

New Delhi:  Daniel Zovatto, whose latest release "Don't Breathe" delves on a group of friends, says finding "real friends" in Hollywood is all a matter of personal choice.

"I think Hollywood has this reputation of being fake, but there is real people and you can choose and try and see," Zovatto told IANS over email in response to a question on how it is to find friends in a competitive industry like showbiz.

Of his personal experience, he said: "I've known this guy for three years, so just find people and stick to them and if you enjoy working with them, which is also something important, then you try and keep those good people around you."

In "Don't Breathe", which is directed by Fede Alvarez, Zovatto plays Money, "the muscle of the group" that plans a heist.

"He's not one-dimensional. There's lot more to him than just a gangster or a street kid. He has a lot of layers. There's not much money around in his neighbourhood.

"Robbery seems like a pretty sure thing. But he also enjoys the adrenaline rush of these jobs."

Zovatto, who has earlier featured in "Beneath", "It Follows" and "Laggies", said that for him, to play a character like this was "new and exciting".

"I think Fede's a visionary of a director and he's definitely going to be someone that we are all going to be talking about in the future, so to be a part of like one of his movies, is awesome," he added.

"Don't Breathe" released in India on Friday.