Homemade baby foods much better than Store-bought ones!

Starting a baby on solid foods or weaning a baby can be a confusing time for parents with the plethora of differing opinions on the Internet and from family members. Become creative in the kitchen, healthy ingredients exist in your own home.  According to various studies, store-bought baby food are less nutritious as their home-made counterparts. Here are three reasons for it: 

1. You are incharge of the ingredients: If you are concerned about feeding your baby additives that you can hardly pronounce, added sugars, salt, flavourings, thcikeners and colorants, you will likely take comfort in the fact that you are the boss of what goes in your baby's tummy. 

2. Its more nutricious: Fruit and vegetables are amazing in their ability to deliver nutrition. From the antioxidant rich goodness of brightly colored vegetables, to the good source of fiber in root vegetables and fruit, the vitamins, protein and minerals  in each type of fruit, vegetable, seed, legume and nut are essential to your child’s development.


3. It saves you money:  Think about the cost of serving one spoon of a store-bought jar of baby food. Then, multiply that by the number of meals in a day, and the number of meals in a month. It does start to add up. Buying bottled food in addition to buying food for the rest of the family often leads to costing a lot in the long run.