Hot iron rod used to cure 2-year-old suffering from diarrhoea, girl succumbs to injuries

Jaipur, Jan 16: In a spine-chilling incident that shocked Rajasthan, a two-year-old girl from Bhilwara district, who was suffering from diarrhoea, was branded with a hot iron rod to cure her ailment. The girl died after receiving the treatment which was part of a superstitious ritual to cure her illness.

The practice of singeing, known as ‘raakha’ or ‘daagna’ is quite popular in several villages of Bhilwara and neighbouring districts.

The villagers have a belief that using a hot object and placing it at a particular place on the body opens up the clogged veins and arteries and cures various disease.

Dr OP Agal, a pediatrician at the Ajmer Medical College and Hospital said, “Every month we get at least one or two such cases of children being singed with hot iron rods falsely believing that it would heal them.”

Meanwhile, police filed a case against unknown persons for hurting the child.