How does Mira Rajput spend Shahid Kapoor's money?

No seriously! This is bit shocking, as we all were expecting that Shahid Kapoor must be spoiling his darling wifey Mira Rajput. However, its just the opposite here! Yes! Mira is the one who spends money on him and Shahid oves being pampered by her.

While talking to an entertainment tabloid, the Udta Punjab actor revealed he never keeps a wallet and also the fact that his wife Mira spends all the money on him. According to Shahid, “I used to carry money before becoming an actor. But after Ishq Vishk (2003), I have always had someone to pay for me, earlier my manager and now my wife. She tells me, ‘Carry your card sometimes or people will feel I am feeding you (laughs)’. I find a wallet uncomfortable in my pocket I don’t have money on me ever”. Well this revelation is equally surprising and shocking. However we are glad that Mira took charge here.


Also Sasha has often confessed that he relies on her completely after marriage, she is the one who keeps a tab on everything and he is very happy to have her in his life. Lucky man!


For a young girl, she has learnt to manage her home, her husband and has fit into motherhood beautifully! 


Here are a few pics of the loved-up couple: