How to be happy for Others

                                           One of the most sane, safe and generous joys of life happens from being genuinely happy for the good fortune of others. To all the Miss Congenialities out there – you seem to be a bit unreal. However, given the choice, wouldn’t you rather be happy, upbeat, dancing and in a euphoric state of  mind rather than envious, duping and bamboozling! Here are two ways to be positive and be genuinely a part of others happiness:

                                                Firstly, be greatful for what you have. Be greateful for your life, friends, family and belongings. Sounds simple, but this is difficult when you’re down and out in life. And it’s more hard if your best friend is rolling in the dough, has the sweetest spouse, and looks like a supermodel. But before you start  feeling sad, take time to reframe your perspective. Change it! Instead of focusing on everything that’s going wrong (especially in comparison to others), focus on what’s right. What is going well in your life? Make it your reference point. Then point out your positives. What’s something that you excel at? Even if it’s watching Netflix TV shows like it’s your job, wear it like a badge of honor. And then be grateful that you even have a Netflix account! Just always believe that there can always be a sunny side. Sprinkle a little pixie dust on your moods, things could be more dreary!                

                                                Secondly, realize that your value as a person does not emanate from your material things, the clothing you wear, the restaurants where you eat, the college you attended, or the job you have. Your worth has never come from those things and it never will. According to me, what you exhuberate as a human being cannot be quantified or commodified (even if people would have you believe differently). And while it’s the nature of life to have ups and downs, your worth is not like the stock market: a less value-per-share isn’t an indication of your worth to the world. Your warmth, your empathy, your outlook on life, the way you help your loved ones make decisions, the way you lift their moods, the way your attitude on life is actually your worth.  Your worth is echoed back in smiles and care, that is your true worth.

                                    You have to believe in your happily ever after. There isn’t one person that has their life figured out. You will never know what life throws at you, however, don’t fret much.  Still, begin to trust that things will work out for you. Trust that you’re in the most perfect place to start accomplishing your goals. Loosen your grip on planning everything and analyzing everything and get into the here and now. Whether or not you worry about the future, you can’t completely handle it anyway. Begin making decisions that reflect the person you truly are and the person you strive to be; start being the kind of person that has the life that you want. You will soon generate the aura that you are a trustworthy friend or loved one.