How to Beat Urban Stress

The more urban you get, the more problems you seem to encounter. While modern life seems to sling stress our way, there are facts that cities present stressors above and beyond those present in rural and suburban living. Cities present a  higher occurrence of mental health issues -  from anxiety disorders to aggression. Here are three ways to beat the city stress:

* Exercise: Bike it out! The cities consists of some great biking trails. Partner-up and bike with your friends and family. Walking also is helpful. Great way to combat commuting as well.

* Have a healthy group of family and friends. Communication helps in venting out feelings.

* Pursue hobbies: City stress can flood your mind with stressful thoughts. The best way to stop the stress spiral is by refocusing your mind on one thought: Gardening focuses you on the physical feeling of the soil that you can hold in your hands. Knitting concentrates your thoughts on the predictability of loops of yarn. The important thing is that you channel your energy into one thing and this, in turn, relaxes your mind by eliminating all of the overwhelming thoughts.