How to Plan a Savvy Wedding in Today's Times

                Hello Again! It’s that time of the year, the wedding season in the country! Indian weddings are the symbols of opulence and extravagance as we believe that we only get married once!  Here are three tips to get you off to a great start:

                Firstly, location! The most optimum thing on your mind should be the wedding! Decide whether you’re going to choose a home wedding or opt for a destination wedding. At home weddings can often be very friendly on your pockets, however, you wouldn’t have enough room to accommodate everyone, have as many performers and food items. The stress is on you to organize everything under your own room, which probably needs some “prepping up” and “fixing” to do. Resorts and tourism organizations have recognized the moolah behind this trend, thus are bound to keep a destination wedding less stressful for the hosts. As part of a package, many offer complimentary services on their on-site wedding consultants that will help you coordinate the complimentary services (scuba diving, wine tasting, club hopping) of their on-site wedding consultants that will help you coordinate all of the ceremony essentials (marriage license, cake, officiant, etc.).  Ultimately what matters is the forebearance and practicality of it, along with a memorable time.

                Secondly, personalize it. Every person wants to have their wedding to be unique these days cuz your friends/family won’t come for the same old “hullabaloo” every-time . While you make the effort to pick out details like your favourite flowers, cake and style of décor, it can be difficult to add a personal touch that your guests will recognize as uniquely as you. Signage is usually the first part of your wedding that your wedding guests will spot. Greet your guests with a personalized welcome sign or a framed quote that you both love to add to the décor.  The colors that you choose will give away your personality, for sure.  Especially, the soundtrack to your wedding will set the mood and scene of your ceremony and reception. Also, memorabilia that you place on your tables, around the mandap, the return gifts will make your wedding a very memorable one. 

                Thirdly, include everyone! Your friends and family aren’t your friends and family if you don’t include them in the most important occasion of your life.  Everyone wants to be happy for you! It makes it more intimate, a shared feeling is truly a treasured feeling. This is because marriage isn’t just the two getting married, its only strengthens when it’s a bond which is interwoven by relationships with other family members.  You feel more welcomed, secure and happy when your better-half’s family embraces you with open arms. Take advantage of this, include them in your Sangeet ceremony, I had so much fun when my groom’s aunt was the first to dance on stage! It was fun!  Even in a arranged marriage setting, we bonded so well!

                Thus your wedding is your call. Instead of worrying about erratic spending, set yourselves up for success by considering your wedding budget early, planning strategically, and keeping an eye on your finances – all while making sure your biggest priorities are accounted for. All that matters is the smile on your face by the end of the day. Give your “forever and always” a happy start with festivities that are the wings beneath your wings. Bon Voyage!