How to sober up after having bhang

Holi might be a reason to gulp down a couple of shots of bhang but an aching head and upset stomach can take all the fizz out of your festive spirit.

Bhang, which is made with the leaves and buds of the cannabis plant, can give you a hangover that can go from moderate to serious.

Here's the way to boycott the miserable hangover post a bhang session:

- Lemon water: It is an excellent source of anti-oxidants and vitamin C that prevents formation of free radicals.

- Say no tea/coffee: Tea and coffee contain strong caffeine that can lead to adverse effects.

- Hydrate: In case of dehydration, bhang will have a stronger effect on the body. Thus, drinking lots of water can help in flushing out intoxicants from the body.

- Avoid pain killers: People often take medicines to get rid of headache that is caused by intoxication. Popping a pain killer can harm the body incase of health complications.

- Sleep: Getting some sleep is a great way to sober up. It gives the body time to process and the person will feel better after the nap.

- Quick bath: In order to reduce the headache, warm bath will shock body into sobriety by slowing the heart beat down while calming the nerves.

- Jamun Tree leaves: Incase of partial or deep unconsciousness, jamun tree’s baby leaves would help.

- Run: Couple of sprints will make the person feel sober in no time. Running causes body to metabolise theTetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the system much quicker than just sitting around.

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